Kendy Vom Hause Earnest

(Rex Timit-Tor X Meena Vom Hause Riley)

Kendy Vom Hause Earnest, Adult Female Rottweiler in GA

AKC WS59032001

DOB 11/15/2017

HD Frei (ADRK)

ED ++ (ADRK)

Cardiac Normal (OFA)

JLPP Normal/Clear (OFA)

Kendy is a very large female like her mother! She has a dark eye, dark mouth pigment, and a lot of bone substance. She has done really well in the dog shows and I am looking forward to continuing her show career. She has size and substance through her pedigree starting with her world famous father Rex Timit-Tor. She is a granddaughter to Rik Darel great granddaughter to Manolo Buoso da Dovara. I am excited to see the puppies she produces, I am sure they will will be as amazing as her.